Gepost door: Paul | april 2, 2007

From Curaçao to Beth She’arim

It has been a long time since I posted. After my holiday on Curaçao I moved to Delft, then came the holidays. Well, by then I had been putting of posting for such a long time, that my “blogging habit” had passed. Maybe the disappearance of the Roman “epigraphical habit” in the 3rd century is comparable: so much happened in the middle of that century, that nobody had the time or the energy to make public inscriptions. By the time that the worst troubles were over, the epigraphical fever had passed. As the archaeological records show, the new generations never again publicized inscriptions on an even remotely comparable scale…

So much for pseudo-history. To bring this blog back on track, I will try to link my last post with next month’s post on the necropolis of Beth She’arim with a short series of pictures.

1. The old cemetery of the Sephardic Community in Curaçao. Note Willemstad’s massive oil refinery in the background!


2. The old Jewish cemetery I was made aware of some weeks ago. It lies around the corner from my new house in Delft.

Delft, Netherlands

3. And finally, the entrance to one of the catacombs of the late antiquity necropolis of Beth She’arim. More on its significance and controversies next week! (I found the picture here)

Beth She'arim, Israel



  1. Just noticed that the pictures didn’t show up anymore. Here they are again, this time via my iDisk.
    O, and I changed the wording a little to disguise my missing of a deadline: “next week’s post” has become “next month’s post” 😉

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